Is SMT suitable for me?

This question is impossible to answer satisfactorily. No herb, no food, no anything suits everyone perfectly.

  • For occasional constipation, for acute constipation, for a short detoxification program, a course of Evening Cleanse can be very helpful.
  • For people who experience loose bowel motions or irritable bowel syndrome, Evening Cleanse is likely to be not suitable as it could easily aggravate the condition. Ensure you speak with your healthcare practitioner prior to commencing any natural or herbal products that have will have an effect on the movement of your bowels.
  • For people who have been eating a meat-heavy diet and want to change to a healthier high-fibre food program, Evening Cleanse could help to clean out the digestive system more quickly.
  • For people who have experienced eating disorders, laxatives and diuretics are contraindicated. These conditions can often leave a person severely depleted in many nutrients including electrolytes. Evening Cleanse could be very harmful in such a situation.

Once again: if in doubt, ask a healthcare practitioner.



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