Potential side effects?

It is important that you follow our guidelines for consuming our Teatox Programs. Our Evening Cleanse Tea is not designed for excessive consumption and should only be consumed over the suggested timeframes.  

The main side-effects of the Teatox are those associated with the laxative effect of the Evening Cleanse Product. With excessive doses and/or long-term use:

  • The body can lose excessive amounts of the essential mineral potassium through the bowel and the urine. Potassium is needed for correct functioning of nerves, muscles, red blood cells and fluid balance, as well as many other functions.
  • Excessive loss of water can lead to dehydration, fatigue, and dizziness. You should drink plenty of water while using Evening Cleanse.
  • High doses of laxatives can cause griping, a painful cramping of the intestines and diarrhoea. 
  • Long-term abuse of laxatives can weaken the muscles of the digestive tract so that the body becomes dependent on laxatives to move the bowel at all.
  • This is why laxatives and diuretics should not be used long-term or in high dosage, especially in combination, unless under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner. 
  • Several of our people have employees have used a course of Evening Cleanse 4 times per year and have not observed any problems. Our program of 1 dose every second day for 2 or 4 weeks is probably gentler than a herbal medicine textbook rule of a dose every day for 7 to 14 days.

If any of this side effects occur adjust the strength of the Evening Cleanse Tea or depending on the intensity desist from the tea altogether and contact support@skinnymetea.com.au immediately.  

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